The hike in was long and took its toll on our feet/legs/knees, but we were welcomed by the Ol' Prospector on our initial decent.  After 8 miles and check-in, it was another 2 miles to the first sight of awe.

Not only was it ginormous and magnificent, but also very much a living waterfall that would completely change in 24 hours (keep reading for that).  That was basically the end of the first day.  So we ate some grub and bedded down. 

The following morning, we ventured out on down the river to see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into.  It was only another mile or so before we came across Mooney Falls.  Although the view from the top was intense, the real beauty would come from the bottom... which wasn't going to come without its price.  How about crawling down a narrow cave into a strange mountain with signs of imminent peril (did I mention it had been sprinkling and was forecasted for isolated thunderstorms?).

Despite my brain telling me otherwise, we descended into the abyss.  Hand over fist, some chain and 2 ladders later, we made it.  The sight was breathtaking, but that didn't stop us from having a little fun.

Glad you are still with me, I hope I haven't bored you all too much, I don't think there will be too much more.  But anyways, after Mooney, we had to cross through the creek and it brought us too this cool rope swing that went out into this beautiful pool right next to a small... uh... what do you call those little waterfall looking things that are only like a foot high... I'm just going to go with "water feature".  Well lots of people were riding the swing, some even doing flips. 

On our way back, it started raining.  We had also planned on going to town to check and see if we could get a helicopter ride out.  So Lisa and I walked the 2 miles to town.  On the way back, it REALLY started  pouring.  So we took shelter under a big tree.  While there, we looked up and noticed spontaneous waterfalls forming all around us.  The first ones we noticed were pretty far away, but after the rain slowed and we were able to continue, we found one that was right next to where we were walking.  Needless to say, when we got closer, we found that it had taken over our path and nearly over taken the bridge we had to cross.

As we came upon Havasu falls, we were able to see a completely different waterfall then we had just seen on our way out.  Many of the people there had said that they have been to Havasu falls many times before, and this was their first time seeing the brown water.  So we were really blessed to have seen both in the same trip.

When we arrived back to camp, luckily, when we had first arrived, we chose a high spot because several people camping around us got washed out and had to take refuge to higher ground near us.  Even more luckily, we had packed a tarp and some rope that certain people did want us to bring cus we couldn't think of a specific use for it... rule #1, you always need rope. 

All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful trip that I will never forget, and hope to do again someday.  We're not sure where our next adventure will lead us, hopefully it will some place just as amazing, that this will be tough to be. 

            "I like turtles" - anonymous

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